Justina Lee Brown – Fly High

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FLY HIGH is an empowering song written by Justina Lee Brown to encourage every young and old lost in their part.

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JUSTINA LEE BROWN is a Funky Soul Blues singer/songwriter from west African, born in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Justina Lee Brown has been Touring the world for many years now. discovering her true purpose in life through her MUSIc.
Justina is a motivator of Love, Peace & Unity and a Survivor of Poverty, Domestic & Sexual abuse.

Her pain, struggles & strength is all in her Voice and one thing for sure is, she gives Everything on Stage!

Music has been her survival tool… LOVE is her KEY weapon!

Justina always dedicate 100% of all cd sales to charity. A platform she created to help  » Homeless, Sick & Hungry  » children in Nigeria.

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